Welcome to the website of "Arbokarbo"

First of all “Arbokarbo”  is one of the best professionals teams in area of production and trading of bio and power fuels that can include fire wood, charcoal and bricks, various pellet bricks and bricks based on waste products of plant-growing (pini&key), etc. Our complex approach to problems solutions ensures effective performance of contractual obligations in Ukraine as well as abroad.

Our range of commodities includes the complete spectrum of fuels of biological origin (regenerative fuels) – from fire woods and charcoal up to various bricks of biological origin. Our range of services include comprehensive range of logistical, finance, legal and marketing services and solutions that can let our partners be sure in accomplishing of our common agreements. European state-of-the-art technologies and solutions are recipe for your success. Everyday work of every person results in common success of “ArboKarbo” team during almost 5 years. Probably because of this reason “ArboKarbo”  has a number of special features that distinguish it among other similar companies at the market.

In company there are 2 basic trends of distribution that are Market of European Countries and Ukrainian Market. The company preaches an individual approach to each client in Ukraine as well as abroad. Advisory services of our specialists are free of charge. The Company maintain business ties with well-known European Companies in many countries of Europe (Poland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Finland), and also with many other Ukrainian countries (supermarket chain, petrol stations and restaurants). Contract performance is rather fast and comprehensively, starting with order receipt till delivery of the finished product at the address of customer. This forms a convenient service. The Company’s products meet requirements of international (for example DIN+, and others) and Ukrainian standards (GOST). Though "ArboKarbo" is something more than such goods like fire wood, charcoal and bricks. Company openness is expressed in assistance to business owners and companies in distribution of their products and management (organization) of businesses that are connected with “ArboKarbo” activity. Friendly team, inside home feeling and working mood – all these is “ArboKarbo” .

Our web-page “Catalog” offers a complete range of Company’s products. Represented goods can be distributed with wholesale and individual wholesale quantities, and also, under certain conditions, these goods can be distributed at retail. Wide range of goods will help you to make the most of cooperation with “ArboKarbo” . On the web-sire you can find a lot of other interesting information, for example, about company’s products, advices of professionals.