type of charcoal
fraction / mm
Weight, kg
type of packaging

Charcoal, 2,5 kg

Charcoal (hardwood)

Quantity of product on pallet: 140 bags/pallet

Price from:
2.43 €

Charcoal (restaurant quality), 4 kg

Charcoal (restaurant quality), hardwood

Quantity of product on pallet: 4 kg bags – 86 bags

Price from:
0.00 €

Charcoal (restaurant quality) 10 kg

Charcoal (restaurant quality)

Quantity of product on pallet: 10 kg bags – 30 bags

Price from:
7.20 €

Charcoal is a microporous high-carbon product obtained as a result of air-free wood pyrolysis. The product is used in household for cooking (barbecue), in industry in production of crystalline silicon, hydrogen sulphide, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and activated charcoal. Heat value of charcoal is 31150-34750 kilojoules/kg.

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