Briquette charcoal

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Briquette charcoal, 2,5 kg

Briquette charcoal, 2.5 kg, plain packaging

Quantity of products on pallet: 2.5 kg bags - bags 200-220

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0.00 €

Briquette charcoal, 4 kg

Briquette charcoal, 4 kg packing - HORECA

Quantity products on pallet: 4 kg - 140 bags

Price from:
0.00 €

Briquette charcoal is pillow-like previously crushed and pressed charcoal obtained from different wood. During sorting of charcoal small fraction is selected which can be also used for briquette manufacture. Briquette is formed by press owing to presence of binding agent, usually starch. Briquette charcoal contains no dangerous substances. Phytogenic origin of charcoal ensures environmental safety of its usage. Briquettes are more high-technology fuel comparing to ordinary charcoal. Heat value of briquette charcoal is 33 500-35 600 kilojoules/kg. Burning time of 1 kg is approximately 4-5 hours. Dry remains after burning are approximately 5% (of total weight). Usage of briquette charcoal is similar to that of charcoal, however there are some advantages and peculiarities The main advantage of briquettes is longer burning time (4-5 hours) comparing to charcoal and stable temperature during burning process. All together these parameters ensure economic use.

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